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天豐集團投資六千萬打造全港最具規模之一的保管箱庫, 集團於市中心自置物業提供近8000個保管箱以供個人或公司名義租用。 天豐設有13重先進保安設備, 為我們的服務每一個細節提供足夠的保障。此外, 知名保安品牌為我們提供全天候24小時的實時監控及自動警報系統, 令客戶的財物得到最高規格的保障。天豐以專業保安團隊、快捷簡便的服務和最優惠價錢為您提供優質保管箱服務。我們的申請手續十分簡單,閣下只需帶同身份證明文件親臨門市登記即可使用。

Tin Fung Gold Group Ltd. provides professional, high-quality, affordable price, private safe deposit box services for individual and corporate customers. Face recognition, fingerprints and real-time QR codes are used as identity recognition. Moreover, registration is simple and fast. Customers can choose different security and privacy levels according to their personal or company needs, and we provide a 24-hour security surveillance system. Our customers can enjoy our professional service and most secure safe deposit box rental service.


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